Pest Control in Freeburg

As a pest control company in Freeburg, IL, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with pest control issues on top of everything else you have to deal with on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, we here at Responsive Pest Control want to make it as easy as possible, offering pest control services that are affordable, easy, and hassle-free. 

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  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs
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We're The Best Exterminators in Freeburg

It will always be unsettling to come across a pest inside your home.  Your home is supposed to be safe and worry free, but when pests make a home in your household then it can no longer feel safe.  Along with this, even more unsettling is the fact that if you see just one pest, chances are there are more hiding in the shadows.  It doesn't matter what type of pests are infesting your home, we here at Responsive Pest Control are the best in Freeburg at getting rid of pests and keeping them gone!  Our technicians are trained and certified and we have over 30 years of experience eliminating pests in the Freeburg area.  We've dealt with Illinois pests for quite some time, and we know exactly how to get rid of them!

What makes our pest control services unique to our competitors is that we tailor our treatments to your specific home and your specific pest problem.  We don't use cookie cutter solutions, are treatments are designed for what is the most effective treatment for your home.  This also allows our technicians to become more familiar with your needs, and ensure that your pest problem is no more!

Pest Control Freeburg

Don't Just Treat a Pest Infestation, Keep Them From Coming Back

It makes no difference if all your pest control company does is treat your pests, if you don't take additional steps to prevent them from coming back, then simply treating pests is useless.  Thankfully here at Responsive Pest Control we strive to keep your home protected for the long term rather than temporarily.  When we come to treat your home, we don't just eliminate them, we keep them gone for good! With our recurring pest control services in Freeburg, we ensure that your home is consistently protected for any and every pest you might face.  Along with this, all of our pest control services are family and pet safe!

Rodent Control in Freeburg

A surprise encounter with a rodent in your home can definitely be startling, but they can also be a threat to the health and well being of your family.  Rodents can carry diseases and bacteria into your home, putting your family and pets at risk. If you've heard squeaks and scurrying in the walls or even seen a tail disappear into a crack in the wall, it's time to seek help from an expert rodent exterminator in Freeburg. 

Our highly-trained rodent exterminators in Freeburg  use some of the most efficient and high tech exclusion techniques to rid your home of mice and rats permanently.  We start our service with an in-depth inspection of your home to detect the source of rodent activity, such as chew marks on wiring or furniture, rodent droppings, and urine stains.  After we've determined the extent of your rodent infestation, we'll help you end the problem!

Rodents are dangerous to your home for reproducing very quickly, so a small rodent infestation can become a much bigger problem very quickly. Our Freeburg technicians will protect you in the long-term with preventative measures for rat control and mouse control. 

Is your home dealing with a rodent infestation?   Learn more about how our rodent control services in Freeburg can take care of your problem for good!

Termite Treatments in Freeburg

The key to preventing expensive home renovations is to get termite infestations under control quickly and to create termite protective measures that will ensure future infestations don't happen. If termites are left to feast and reproduce freely on wooden structures of your home, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage and repairs, and can also put your home and family at risk.  Most homeowners aren't even aware that they have a termite infestation until the damage on your home has been done.  Responsive Pest Control provides the most complete and thorough termite treatments in Freeburg, and we'll help you protect your home!

When you team up with Responsive Pest Control for your termite treatment, you will first receive a free termite inspection of your home from one of our trained and certified termite technicians.  During this inspection we will be on the look out for the following signs of termite activity:

  • Mud Tubes along your homes foundation and walls.
  • Evidence that there has been damage to wood structures including holes, or wood chips.
  • Swarmer termites and discarded termite wings throughout your home.

During our termite inspection, if we happen to find an existing termite colony, our termite technicians in Freeburg will eliminate them quickly and efficiently before they can spread to other places in your home. Once we've eliminated any active termite colonies, our team of highly trained technicians in Freeburg will employ preventative measures to help ensure your household is termite-free for years to come.  

Free Pest Re-Treatments If Pests Ever Come Back

We here at Responsive Pest Control stand behind our treatments.  That means that if pests start coming back after one of our treatments, we'll be back to reassess the situation and retreat.  Our number one priority is taking care of our customers, and we will go above and beyond with our customer satisfaction.  If you are in-need of a reassessment, then simply give us a call, and we'll schedule you with one of our technicians!

When you work with Responsive Pest Control, you never have to worry.  We know our treatments are extremely effective for Freeburg pests, but if pests come back, so will we!

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