Protect Your Home From Termite Damage

What is your biggest investment in your life?  Your Home?  Your Family?  Well termites in Illinois and Missouri are determined to put both your home and your family at risk.  A termite colony that is left unattended, can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure of your home.  By not treating termites or preventing them from coming to your home, you are putting your family and your home at risk!  Whether you're looking for a solution to your current termite infestation or you're looking for a preventative termite solution, then Responsive Pest Control is here to help!

Termite Service

The Illinois and Missouri area is classified as having moderate to severe termite activity throughout the year, and if you aren't actively pursuing options to prevent termites, then you could soon be searching for options to eliminate termites.  Thankfully, Responsive Pest Control provides both termite prevention and termite elimination, so no matter what you're home is going through, we have you covered!

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Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

When you're a homeowner in Illinois and Missouri you might be wondering about termites.  When inspecting your home you need to take a look at the following tell-tale signs of a termite infestation: 

  • Mud Tubes and Tunnels Throughout The Foundation and Flooring of your Home.
  • Discarded Termite Wings and Shells Found Around Baseboards and Window Sills.
  • Soft or Hollow Wood Around Your Home.

If you have noticed any of the above signs within your home, then it is time to contact Responsive Pest Control!  If you have noticed mud tubes or termite wings or any of the other signs, then your house could be in the middle of a termite infestation, and you need to get immediate help from Responsive Pest Control, or your home could face extremely expensive destruction and damage.  

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We Use State of the Art Termite Elimination Systems

If you have ever tried any DIY termite treatments, you will know that they are a temporary solution at best.  DIY termite treatments don't seem to last longer than a few days or weeks and still leaves you vulnerable to expensive home damage from termites.  That being said, here are Responsive Pest Control we have taken to using the most innovative termite treatment system on the market, Sentricon.

The Sentricon system is the most effective and accurate termite baiting and removal system as named by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  This system is designed to be a complete termite elimination program, and it has seen great success with our clients.  Sentricon works by baiting in termites through a family and pet safe bait, and kills the termites as they spread the bait to their colony.  

Responsive Pest Control uses both the Sentricon baiting system and traditional termite treatment options to help completely eliminate termites and protect your home!  Responsive Pest Control is proud to be an authorized Sentricon System operator!

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Termites are extremely dangerous not only to your home but also your family.  Contact Responsive Pest Control today and our certified and trained termite technician will help to prevent termites from touching your home, and eliminate any termites that are currently on your property!  We proudly service the following cities and areas in Illinois and Missouri:

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